Search engine optimization refers to the process of impacting the visibility of websites in a search engine’s unpaid results. SEO targets multiple kinds of searches such as local search, image search, academic search, video search, industry-specific search engines, and news search.

Ultimately, sites that appear more frequently or are ranked higher in web search results, usually receive more visitors.

I-SEO Media Design Company will help you increase the search engine rank and site traffic of your company. We have a team of copywriting and technical staff who offer the expertise needed to meet the needs of companies with complex websites in the modern competitive industries.

How Do We Do It?

Analyze Your Website

We start by analyzing your site. We then come up with ways to customize your website so that it communicates keywords more effectually to the web search engines. We aim at making your website more visible to get more visitors, and therefore increase your sales and leads.

On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

We also offer on-page and off-page optimization services to create a theme that is constant with the client’s targeted keywords. The search engine being a robot, there is need to educate it such that it can make your website visible when the potential customers use search engines to search for your business keywords.

How We Do It

To come up with an effective SEO campaign, I-SEO Media Design Company follows a well-defined approach. Our full-service approach starts with Keyword Research, followed by Onsite Optimization, then Link Building and lastly Reporting and Analysis.