Ways to Boost the SEO of Your Vaping Business Website

Because the e-cigarette industry like this is continuously growing, the competition for attention on the Internet is getting stiffer. Getting customers can be more difficult because a lot of websites offer a lot of unique vaping products and flavors, discounts, and promos.
If you have a website for your vape store, you do not need to worry because you can have an edge over your competition. You can optimize your website and work on the SEO components. In this article, you will learn ways on how to effectively do this and use these to your advantage.
Doing an SEO Audit
This is one…

Everything You Need to Know About Starting an Online T-Shirt Business

Most people, may it be female or male or an adult or child, have maybe not just one but at least five online shirts in their closets. Nowadays, different types of tees are circulating, from v-neck to round neck, from short to long sleeves.
This is because tees make an item of comfortable casual clothing that is of general use. Tees also describe what your personality is like and is a reflection of your interest and identities, custom t-shirts had also gained popularity throughout the years because of its versatility when it comes to designs.
Because of this, selling t-shirts online has …

Optimize Your Google My Business

It is necessary to have an optimized Google My Business profile and listing. This will help you increase your exposure and search traffic. In so doing, your business will appear on the search queries that match the products and services in local search results.
With Google My Business listing, you can be assured that your business will be visible in Google’s dashboard. This dashboard combines Google Search, Google Maps, as well as Google Plus. Besides, the listing is based on distance, relevance, and prominence of the results.
A business listing that appears in the top three Google local results will help clients see the …

Website Speed Optimization

The speed offered to visitors on a website plays a key role in determining their satisfaction levels. Every user would want to be served with fast-loading sites. Website speed determines the page views, conversions, and bounce rate.
Therefore, you need to optimize the speed of your website by adopting tools that would help improve the loading speed. These tools include web hosting, browser caching, enabling keep-alive HTTP feature, Gzip compression, using HTML and CSS codes, redirects, ads, plugins, image optimization, and accelerated mobile pages (AMP).
Google takes page load time as one of the ranking factors. Therefore, …

How to Optimize Your Images for Search

Adding well-chosen images on your website will strengthen the message., since they worth a thousand words. Additionally, it will help your site rank higher as it complements the overall SEO strategy. Therefore, you need to ensure that the images are optimized for search engines.
To optimize your images for search engines, you need to ensure that you use the right image file name. Having the right file name will help the robots read the images as part of the data used by Google to rank websites.
Additionally, you need to add alt tags and title tags to help search engines understand your image description even if the browsers …