Pick My Load is an on-demand transportation service provider that connects shippers and verified carriers across North America. The platform allows shippers to post their availability, search for potential cargos on their route and track shipments in real-time.

Other features include invoicing, fleet tracking, and detailed route reports. Pick My Load is altering the traditional trucking industry to save both shippers and carriers time and money.


PickMyLoad Web & Mobile Application

What We Did

Logo Design / Responsive Design / eCommerce Website Design / Magento Web Development

We Developed This Ground Breaking Application From Scratch


  • Creating a web app which is interactive, easy to use and responsive.
  • Creating an app which shippers can post availability on the go and carriers can search and select them instantly.
  • Implementing real-time tracking of freight and notifications at every step of the transportation process.
  • Implementing instant alerts for shippers and carriers in all the different phases of transportation.
  • Shippers and carriers leverage powerful and accurate search tools for shipments.
  • Ability to rate and review shippers and carriers after the transaction is completed.
  • Real-time messaging system keeping shippers and carriers in touch with each other during the shipping process.
  • Enriching the platform with e-signatures and online payment providing a smooth transaction process.


  • Develop a multi-tier architecture where each service runs as a unique process and communicates with each other through a well-defined, lightweight system.
  • Optimized a powerful search function which returns thousands of loads within milliseconds.
  • Implemented a tracking system which reports on the route of the carrier in real time and updates the shipper.
  • Customized the payment gateway where payments are distributed through Pluto and Braintree payment providers.
  • Leveraged Urban Airship for push notification through the mobile app.


  • Custom web development includes an interactive, mobile responsive design connecting thousands of shippers to verified carriers.
  • Simple interface includes real-time tracking of freight.
  • Notifications enabled to track shipments.
  • Invoices and BOL automatically generated.
  • Analytics center monitors transportation spend.
  • Marketplace connects shippers and carriers within one online community.