Foxy Jeans
Brand Identity / Exhibits & Tradeshow / Marketing

Foxy Jeans is a Canadian online brand for women’s clothing based out of Montreal, QC. We have worked with Foxy Jeans since the launch of their web brand in 2014; developing, designing and maintaining their web store.

The Project

iMedia Designs did eCommerce website design for Foxy Jeans online store from scratch and integrated a custom plan for their eCommerce framework. The final result is a streamlined, easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate platform with features such as a synced POS and inventory in the website which updates in realtime.

Extension/ Sync/ Plugin Development

We integrated automated sync operations within the Foxy Jeans website using Visual (a POS and inventory software business for clothing companies). Once the Foxy Jeans brand was launched, we increased their conversion rate by revamping their online check-out process, overhauling their mobile version, and employing targeted social marketing strategies. As always, we delivered on our project ahead of schedule and within budget.