eCommerce / Website Development / Extension Development
DSYR ecommerce website development

DSYR is a Malaysian online design and lifestyle marketplace where a curated collection of products created by local artists and designers is showcased for potential customers. With locations in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, the company has multiple web stores based on one Magento back-end. In 2012, the iMedia Designs team developed their web platform from scratch, creating a custom designed online store tailored to their specifications. We continue to work alongside the DSYR team to respond to their changing eCommerce needs.

Our Custom Solution

DSYR ecommerce website development

After building their website from scratch, we implemented custom features in order to optimize the user experience. Special features included customized input processes for artists to submit products and streamlined artist approval processes, as well as integrated tools for easy management of featured topics, products, and artists, all on the go.

Marketing, SEO and Social Media

DSYR ecommerce website development

Due to the multinational nature of DSYR, we also built multiple payment gateways for each of their locations. We also employed SEO and SEM optimization strategies to improve conversion rates and well as maximize their marketing efforts. As always, we delivered on our project ahead of schedule and within budget.