CIRCL is an all-in-one rental property platform where landlords, tenants, and contractors can connect, communicate and track all activities related to renting a property. CIRCL allows tenants to search and follow specific neighborhoods or regions. Schedule and book viewing appointments easily. Tenants are able to filter the property listings based on the calculated walk score, tenant reviews, and neighborhoods. Landlords can pre-screen and select tenants through a verification process.


Circl Web & Mobile Application

What We Did

Web Application, iOS & Android Application

We Delivered a Custom Web Application


  • Developing a mobile web app which is interactive, easy to use and responsive.
  • Landlords must be able to add properties on go, tenants can search properties with ease and contractors can look for a job instantly.
  • Contractors to receive instant alerts for work in a particular area.
  • Building a powerful and accurate search for properties.
  • Implementing a bidding system for work orders which allow landlords to have options to choose from.
  • Adding a rating feature for the tenants, landlords and contractors after the work order is completed.
  • Ability for the landlords/realtors to manage the properties through property management.
  • Adding a real time messaging system so that the landlords, tenants and contractors can interact with each other in real time


  • iMediaDesigns implemented a microservice architecture in which each service runs a unique process and communicates with each other through well-defined, lightweight components.
  • Implemented SOLR search, for full-text indexing and search. It returns thousands of records in an instant making it easy for tenants to search for properties.
  • Developed both Android and iOS versions of the application.
  • Integrated real time messaging for push notification on mobile apps.
  • Continuing adding features and functions to develop CIRCL app into the leading rental property search and management app.