Search Engine Marketing

Creating Maximal Online Engagement Through Market Leading Pay-Per-Click(PPC) Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, Content Optimization, and Landing Page Development

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Search Engine Marketing

The competition for first page ranking on Google is fierce. Put your business in front of the eyes of paying customers with pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. A Google AdWords campaign targets a larger audience based on their search engine browsing activity and directs customers to your website. Once your campaign is live, we test and improve ad copy for increased click-through rates. You’ll receive detailed reports to understand how your marketing dollars are hard at work. Speak to a search engine marketing strategist today to increase your brand’s visibility online to get more paying customers.

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Search Engine Marketing Services
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Landing Page Development


How do you reduce the cost of a Google AdWords campaign?

Our SEM experts will track, analyze and calculate the optimal bids set for your targeted terms, and determine what days and locations are the best to reach paying customers. We filter out unqualified searches that may click onto your site without intent to purchase.

How will I know if my ads are performing?

We use several platforms for delivering campaign results to your team, including AdWords and Bing. You’ll have progress reports at every stage of the campaign, and we’ll discuss your expectations and needs of return for your search engine marketing campaign.

What do I need to start a PPC campaign?

Once you have a highly optimized AdWords ad, you’ll need a highly optimized landing page to drive traffic to. The search engine marketing team at iMediaDesigns will create an effective landing page to direct web traffic via your brand new AdWords campaign.

About Our Process

The team at iMediaDesigns is committed to growing your business with effective Google AdWords campaigns. We research specific keywords and strike a balance between cost per click and cost per acquisition to deliver quality results.