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Digital Marketing

The digital marketing battlefield is a war zone. Make sure you don’t lose customers to the barrage of noise and useless information launched their way. Gain power and visibility by using the deity of our modern era: DATA. In today’s landscape, data is king – let us help you capitalize on the gold-mine of information you’re sitting on and maximize the efficiency of your advertising and marketing budget.

We know what works. We can get you results by pushing innovative applications of SEO and SEM, utilizing the information you have on your business and customers. Break out of the static routine and elevate your business. Our digital marketing strategy can transform your web business into a dynamic seller that actively celebrates your brand image and tantalizes your target audience with your products. We deliver on these promises using systematic A/B testing, information tracking, and experimenting. Successful digital marketing relies on a blend of creative storytelling, scientifically rigorous strategies, and a willingness to deviate from the norm to take calculated risks.

See where we can take your business. Contact us today to get an idea of how our digital marketing strategies can elevate your brand and make your products addictively irresistible for customers.

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The Process

Work directly with an experienced, highly certified team to get the most suitable solution for your business.


Let’s get to know each other. We take a look at your competition, your industry, your target audience, as well as how you’ve conducted digital marketing up until this point and how consumers have responded to your strategy. A large aspect of this deals with your current standing on top search engines.


Once we’re familiar, we collaborate with you to create a winning strategy for maximizing your visibility and reach. We’ll define the best approach for increasing rankings, aggressively targeting your ideal customer, and increasing your rankings in search engines.


Now that we’ve got a digital marketing strategy in hand, we design the skeleton of your digital marketing plan of attack, setting up SEO & SEM tactics and preparing your company to be broadcast to your target customers.


Time to get to work. We implement your digital marketing strategy and make sure it hits the ground running, prioritizing a responsive model that accumulates the data and learns from it. As time goes on your digital marketing program gets better and better at what it does, consistently testing and experimenting methods and techniques for getting you a larger market share of your industry.

This is a seriously competent team, I'm very impressed with their experience, the enthusiasm shown not only building my website but doing it the best way possible for user experience and SEO, and their rapid turnaround. I highly recommend these guys!

Datch HavenEpic Displays

We reached out to iMediadesigns when we knew the value of seo services. The only traffic we were getting was from our website and very small as compared to competition. Turning to iMedia has been the best investoment we have ever made. We are open our second dentistry as the number of appointments we are getting ranked 1-3 for most of our keywords.

Dr. Magdalena LysikOwner & Director, Florence Dentistry)

I had some fairly specific requirements for the design and functionality, and the work was done exactly to spec with a keen attention to detail. The project was completed before the deadline and in a pleasant and professional manner. I will definitely work with them in the future.

Craig BuntinCEO SportslogIQ

The team at iMedia was brilliant from the very beginning, from market research to web strategy, they took care of it all. They used agile methodology for project management and kept us up to date with all developments. I would say for retailers who are redefining their web strategy, iMedia definitely has a solid team for web design and eCommerce, and one of the top for web development in Toronto.

Donald FrancouerDirector DLM Group