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SEO Toronto

SEO Companies Toronto

SEO Company in Toronto

The top 5 results get 75% of the clicks. Seach engine optimization is essential to most businesses online or offline. Being the number one result on a Google search results page is obviously important, businesses ranked on 1st page have 90% advantage over any competitors listed below them.

* Recent stats by Search Engine Watch. We work on facts, data and analysis that is why we are continously one of the top seo companies in Toronto & Montreal

The Multi industry SEO Advatange with iMedia

The SEO Service Delta

Our expert SEO team has the complex understanding, experience and resources to customize a comprehensive SEO campaign for your website that empower you to prevail over your competitors, attract more visitors and convert them.

Working with iMediaDesigns for your SEO services and SEO strategies will not be an expense, but an investment with hight ROI. Our SEO analysts have a deep understanding of how Google’s algorithms work and how to get your website on top of search engine result page steadily. Once your SEO campaign starts rolling you website will see a consistent monthly climb in ranking.

SEO Ottawa

SEO Companies Ottawa

SEO Company in Ottawa

The #1 position in Google’s result page gets 33% of the traffic. So let’s get on the top for your targeted keywords in your targeted market.

What is SEO?

What is SEO and why it makes a big difference to your business?

Since you are here on this page, you may already know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It plays a crucial role in how your website will rank in the search engine such as Google and Bing’s result page (SERP) naturally. The higher rankings draw the attention of the majority people; in fact nearly 60% of the traffic goes to the top three rankings.

Search engines strive for presenting the most relevant answer to the end users. In order to achieve this, every search engine has numerous and evolving algorithms to crawl and evaluate websites and determine the rankings. SEO services consist of on-page and off-page techniques that help your business rank higher.

Great SEO practice will help you to rank higher when people search specific keywords related to your business. It is a cost-effective way to attract traffic that converts and increase online reputation. However, be wary of the bad SEO tricks. They are the outdated, unethical spams that are outside of Google webmaster guidelines. They will make your website penalized by Google and hurt your ranking.

Time that we need to get you on the first page
If you want to rank higher for a keyword that is in low-medium competition, you will need about 2-3 months. Keywords that are within high competition will require more time since we do our SEO in an organic and safe way which ensures a robust and long term positioning.

What makes iMediaDesigns the right choice for you:
1. White hat SEO only
At iMediaDesigns, we are honest about the techniques we use to elevate your website ranking. All of our SEO effort will strictly adhere to the best industry practice and Google’s guidelines, ensuring your rankings will be gain robustly.

2. Proven track of record
From large scale security guard firm to tiny dental clinic, we have a high industry profile comprised with successful stories. We always form long term partnerships with our clients and we are happy to share our successful stories with you.

3. We are authentic, reliable and realistic
We are not one of those scammers who overpromise with a fee that sounds too good to be true. Ultimately, they take a huge chunk of your budget and deliver nothing but illusions. You may not hear what you want in a short term but you will definitely get realistic roadmap of what can be achieved in a specific timeframe and what will be implemented to yield long term success.

4. We have deliverables
In the SEO report, we will show you the exact deliverables and improvements in ranking that we have done with real numbers. You will be timely informed of the level of traffic, do-follow backlinks, and new content etc. All recommendations you get from us will be genuine and truly contributive to your website ranking, not for scam or upsell.

5. We only increase “good” traffic
Traffic is useless unless it can be converted. At iMediaDesigns, our SEO team only strive for traffic that results a high conversion rate. With this kind of traffic, you get more revenues with fewer visitors.

6. Unparalleled customer service
You can get feedback and reports whenever you need. We treasure your time and concerns as our own. If you need to know how your SEO campaign goes, give us a shout and we will response in a swift manner.

SEO Montreal

SEO Companies Montreal

SEO Company in Montreal

What Clients Say

  • We reached out to iMediadesigns when we knew the value of seo services. The only traffic we were getting was from our website and very small as compared to competition. Turning to iMedia has been the best investoment we have ever made. We are open our second dentistry as the number of appointments we are getting ranked 1-3 for most of our keywords.
    – Dr. Magdalena Lysik (Owner & Director, Florence Dentistry)
  • Education and coaching industry is very competitive and we wanted to have the SEO edge from the begining so we knew we had to use the top seo company in toronto for our task, so we choose iMediaDesigna and the delivered every promise they made.
    – Jeff (Co-founder, EasyGrade)

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