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Magento Website Design Montreal

Magento Developer Montreal

Magento Development Canada

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Being partners with Magento means good news for you! What makes us different is that we provide “YOU” focused solutions while making the most of it with the available resources


Magento Web Design Toronto

Magento Website Design Toronto

Magento Developer Toronto

Magento Development Toronto

Our certified Magento developers and digital strategists will conjointly work towards your goals. To make sure that happens, they will determine your technical requirements, opportunities that can be explored, and your business needs. With the help of this information, we can then develop a stable platform on Magento for you while all your requirements are being met.

How do we get there?

You will have a team of certified magento developers at hand to convert the mental picture you have for your ecommerce website into reality. They will constantly work towards your aspirations and goals and create the most reliable online shop you can ever have. We will capitalize on the resources provided to us through Magento, giving you the upper hand in the market and giving you maximum exposure.

Once the foundation is laid, we set up shop! We tailor the website to your needs and fixing issues that might come, be it syncing your inventory to ERP or POS. Listed below are the primary services we provide for Magento development in Canada

Magento Development

If you are planning for a new store or redesign the old magento store, iMediaDesigns provide the required expertise to relaize your vision. It can include simple things, as adding extension or widgets in frontend, to complex development such as allowing your eCommerce site communicate to third party systems. We use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies to create sites that looks visually appealing at the same time leveraging the powerful tools like geolocation and embedded media.

Magento integration with 3rd party applications

We have taken best softwares and customized it to manage your inventory and warehouses, while magento manages the online store. We work from standard ERP, SAP system or your customized ERP you have developed already and want to integrate it with your eCommerce store. From live inventory updates to newsletter users syncing we have covered almost all.

Magento version upgrades

The latest version of magento offers increased usability and performance so keeping your store updated with latest version is very important, but this comes with the price of complex upgrade process and finetuning templates and plugins designed for older version. We use dummy deplpoyment from cloned data and codes try the upgrade process which often involves modifying database, compatibility checks of themes and extensions so that everythings goes smooth.

Magento performance optimization

Performance is a well known Magento problem because of custom functionality and extensions added and its optimization is an important part of Magento website development. We use caching and other techniques to handle the performance issues. Which in turn increase your sites ranking, improve user experience and increase your sales. If your Magento site performance isn’t up to speed, contact our experts and we’ll be more than happy to discuss options with you.

Magento custom extensions

Magento is no 1 eCommmerce platform because it has extensibility which comes from large number of free and paid extension in Magento connect marketplace. You can download and install extension in one click but many times you need fuctionalities that are not available already and thats when we come in. We can write custom fucntion, package it in extension form and you can install it. So if you think something your customers might need let us know we will build it.

Magento custom themes

From the various needs in a growing business we have barely seen a existing theme or template working. A custom theme designed by us reflect your brand out there are the same time fulfill various design needs. We use our mastered technique to make your store look fab on all the modern browser and platform. As mostly people choosing mobile devices over browsers we design stores to be responsive for all devices with best user experience.

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