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Magento eCommerce Development

iMediaDesigns has specialized in Magento eCommerce optimization from its inception. Magento is the go-to eCommerce platform for companies wishing to sell their products and expand their business online. The dynamic and flexible structure allows you to customize your web store as you wish, while innovative analytical features empower you to experiment and test what works for you and your company. Allow us to craft a beautifully streamlined Magento experience proven to take your company’s web commerce platform to the next level. Our long list of satisfied clients is a testament to how we exceed your expectations and boost your business. Experience using Magento Community and Magento Enterprise as well as developing Magento extensions means your business is in good hands. Leverage your brand against its competitors by taking advantage of a great resource – our team of specialists and experts.

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Magento eCommerce Services
  • Magento Performance Optimization
  • Magento Version Upgrades.(Magento 2)
  • Magento Integration With 3rd Party Applications
  • Magento Custom Extensions
  • Magento Custom Themes
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Lingerie Canada

Magento / Responsive / Module Development

Pallet Connect

Pallet Connect

Website Design / Responsive / Extension Development

The Process

Work directly with an experienced, highly certified team to get the most suitable solution for your business.


The first step. We take a look at your market standing and your existing Magento framework (if any), and identify the weaknesses and strengths on your web store. Central to this step is examining how your customers behave on your website and where the largest room for improvement is.


With critical data gathered during the research stage in our hands, we move on to defining a strategy to get results. In collaboration with your team, we decide upon Information Architecture intended to streamline your conversion process and optimize the customer experience.


Now that we’ve got your tactical plan of attack mapped out, we create the wireframing and content mapping focused on engaging your user in an immersive experience. Everything we do is designed with the goal of boosting your business in mind.


Voila! The final step. We transfer the Magento framework onto your platform, but make sure to seamlessly integrate it and perform extensive testing + Q&A beforehand. We ensure that the product quality meets your standards and ours. Once that’s done, you’re good to go.

This is a seriously competent team, I'm very impressed with their experience, the enthusiasm shown not only building my website but doing it the best way possible for user experience and SEO, and their rapid turnaround. I highly recommend these guys!

Datch HavenPresident, Epic Displays

Words cannot express how happy we are with the team at iMediaDesigns! We are overjoyed to see our vision come to life at You are truly the dream team!!! You kept us calm and far exceeded our expectations.

Leslie RichardsonFounder Boldr Inc.

iMedia is an exceptional group of talent! When it comes to tech-related startups, iMedia will offer indispensable suggestions in helping you to drive your business.

Janice KongFounder, BeautyMaker

Our team has leveraged the iMedia team on several occasions. If you are looking for a team of developers, designers, and app builders who listen, understand and seriously kick ass, you would do well to work with iMedia. They are smart. They are really smart. They actually help you refine your concept and make it better than you dreamed.


Magento Integration With 3rd Party Applications

We have taken the best eCommerce applications and customized it to manage your inventory and warehouses, while Magento manages the online store. We work from standard ERP, SAP system or your customized ERP you have developed already and want to integrate it with your eCommerce store. From live inventory updates to newsletter users syncing we have covered almost all.

Magento Performance Optimization

Performance is a well-known Magento problem because of custom functionality and extensions added and its optimization is an important part of Magento website development. We use caching and other techniques to handle the performance issues. Which in turn increase your site’s ranking, improve user experience and increase your sales. If your Magento site performance isn’t up to speed, contact our experts and we’ll be more than happy to discuss options with you.

Magento Version Upgrades to Magento 2

The latest version of Magento offers increased usability and performance so keeping your store updated with the latest version is very important, but this comes with the price of the complex upgrade process and fine tuning templates and plugins designed for an older version. We use dummy deployment from cloned data and codes try the upgrade process which often involves modifying the database, compatibility checks of themes and extensions so that everything goes smooth.

Magento Custom Extensions

Magento is no 1 eCommerce platform because it has extensibility which comes from a large number of free and paid extension in Magento Connect marketplace. You can download and install an extension in one click but there are times you need functionalities that are not available already and that’s when we come in. We can write the custom function, package it in extension form and you can install it. So if you think something your customers might need let us know we will build it.

Magento Custom Themes Design

From the various needs of a growing business, we have barely seen an existing theme or template working because of the restrictions they have. A custom theme designed by us reflect your brand out there at the same time fulfill various design needs. We use our mastered technique to make your store look fab on all the modern browser and platform. As many people choosing mobile devices over browsers we design stores to be responsive for all devices with best user experience.

iMedia & eCommerce

Gain visibility, expand your company’s user base and see your business thrive using iMediaDesigns. We’re a web design and development agency with a specialty in getting your eCommerce business the results you’ve been searching for. Our qualified team has the technical know-how and experience to apply proven techniques for optimizing your conversion rates and pushing your sales through the roof. With certifications in Magento, Shopify, and more, we have the resources to grow your business, no matter the web platform you use.

Get in touch with us today to begin the process of elevating your business to the next level. Let’s begin the process of crafting a comprehensive tactical strategy that’s customized just for you. Feel free to check our list of past work if you’re not convinced – we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

Get in touch with our team today to see how we can lend our expertise to your business. We make you better than your competitors by being better than ours.

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