Whether it be female or male or an adult or child, most people have maybe not just one but at least five online shirts in their closets. Nowadays, different tees are circulating, from v-neck to round neck, from short to long sleeves.

This is because tees make an item of comfortable casual clothing that is of general use. Tees also describe what your personality is like and reflect your interest and identities; custom t-shirts had also gained popularity throughout the years because of their versatility when it comes to designs.

Because of this, selling t-shirts online has become one of the most popular choices when starting up a business. With this guide, we’ll run down step by step on how to start an online t-shirt business.

Building up your online store

Build a proper online store that will become your platform, create an eCommerce website where your potential customers can easily contact you or place their orders. This also makes your customers put their trust in your store.

Create a brand name and determine what types of products you will be focusing on selling and the price range or how much one would cost them, especially if they are custom t-shirts.

Canvas quality materials and t-shirt printing options

Looking for quality material that you will sell is not as hard as before because many customers write reviews on social media platforms. Look for a material that is not only cheap but is also that of great quality with the perfect sizing, softness, and weight.

You also have to determine what kind of print job your store will do; there are several printing techniques you can use, of course, like heat transfer or screen printing. The next step will be determining if the fabric you have right now is appropriate for that kind of print job.

Define your target audience and what designs appeal to them most

Having a definite target audience or niche will surely help your business; one tactic is to determine what kind of designs are today’s generation into. You can use Facebook’s

Audience Insights tool and subreddits or scan the list of popular hobbies on Wikipedia to give you some ideas. Finding your target audience’s interest would make it easier for you to come up with designs.

Create and mock-up your t-shirt designs

The next step would be to come up with simple yet trendy designs and pleasing to the eyes. You do not have to be an artist to be able to create your design.

One way would be creating a simple t-shirt with a message expressed in it or displaying an aspect of a person’s personality, then putting it on different social media platforms to gain their feedback.

Build your Brand

After you have made the necessary preparations for your online business, it is now time to start your promotional campaigns by spreading the word about your products.

Search for relevant and trustworthy social media influencers, one that many people had trusted; some influencers receive free t-shirts in exchange for the product’s exposure. Do not forget to create packaging and ad that will appeal to your audience.


With that, you are ready to set up your online business; many competitors will come along your way. Still, with sheer dedication and proper marketing strategies, we can guarantee you that you will succeed.