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ERP Integration Solutions

If you are searching for an effective solution that automates the data between your retail store and ERP system, you’ve come to the right place. At iMediaDesigns, our integration solutions connect your ERP solution with your eCommerce platform. This data integration is the foundation for a successful eCommerce business. Whether you’re launching a new business or need help maintaining a growing one, an Epicor ERP integration will automate your orders, shipping, inventory, customer data and more. This results in a more efficient operation and satisfied customers along the way. iMediaDesigns is your trusted partner for all ERP integrations. No matter what your goals are, we have the expertise to help you succeed. Stop worrying about data and start thinking about the bigger picture. Reach out to learn more about taking your eCommerce business to the next level.

Launch Integrated ERP
Our Epicor ERP Integration Solutions
  • Maintain Product Catalogs
  • Monitoring and Reporting Tools
  • Real-Time Inventory Levels
  • Streamlined Customer Journey
  • Personalized Product Recommendations
Lingerie Canada

Lingerie Canada

Magento / Responsive / Module Development

Pallet Connect

Pallet Connect

Website Design / Responsive / Extension Development



Magento / UI/UX Design / Responsive

The Process

Work directly with an experienced, highly certified team to get the most suitable solution for your business.


Your first step after the initial consultation. We look at your competitors, see where you are regarding current market shares and visibility, and take a peek at how users interact with your existing eCommerce platform (if any)


Our team collaborates with your business to produce a strategy based upon the Research we’ve carried out. Your eCommerce page’s Information Architecture is laid out and designed around optimizing conversion rates and encouraging continuous engagement.


The application of our agreed upon strategy. We produce wireframes and the content mapping for your company, creating a journey for your user through immersive interface design and user experience optimization.


Your project takes on its shape and becomes functional. Our design is developed upon the platform of your choice, we integrate your existing system (if any) as well as any third-party tools, and perform testing and Q&A. The last step: you launch your shiny new site. Congrats!

This is a seriously competent team, I'm very impressed with their experience, the enthusiasm shown not only building my website but doing it the best way possible for user experience and SEO, and their rapid turnaround. I highly recommend these guys!

Datch HavenEpic Displays

iMedia is an exceptional group of talent! When it comes to tech-related startups, iMedia will offer indispensable suggestions in helping you to drive your business.

Janice Kong Founder, BeautyMaker

Words cannot express how happy we are with the team at iMediaDesigns! We are overjoyed to see our vision come to life at boldrfit.com. You are truly the dream team!!! You kept us calm and far exceeded our expectations.

Leslie RichardsonFounder, Boldr Inc.

Our team has leveraged the iMedia team on several occasions. If you are looking for a team of developers, designers, and app builders who listen, understand and seriously kick ass, you would do well to work with iMedia. They are smart. They are really smart. They actually help you refine your concept and make it better than you dreamed.


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