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How to launch a successful blog on your website

By August 24, 2017 No Comments

It sounds cliche, but content is king. It should play an active role in your digital marketing strategy. Having relevant content on your website makes it easier for search engines to find you, improves your organic ranking online, and helps your brand build authority. To launch a successful blog on your website, there are a number of strategies to consider. Take note before you start writing and launch!

Identify who you’re writing for

The key to writing a successful blog is knowing who you are writing for. The purpose of a blog is to educate your target audience about the products or services you have to offer. The content has to cater to your audience, which will make promoting your content that much easier. You likely have an idea of who you’re writing for, but you can narrow down the audience by specific demographics. Consider your audience’s age, gender, income level, and interests. These factors will influence what you write. After your audience is identified, you can start designing your content marketing around their interests.

Reach your target audience

The best way to turn your blog into a successful one is to actively target your audience. That means conducting keyword research to know what your audience is searching for online. Identify the keywords your audience uses when making a search query, and add those keywords to your content. Higher organic rankings on search engines means your blog will be found faster than the competition. In just five minutes, you can have a list of keywords to target in your next blog posts.

Optimize your content

Conducting keyword research is one form of optimizing your content. Each blog you write should also include title tags. They should be on every blog post you write; look for it in the source code of your blog. You must also write a meta description for the post. When your content reaches search pages, the meta description will give your audience and idea of what your content is about. Without it, they won’t have an idea of what to expect, and will be less likely to click on your link.

Make meaningful connections

A successful blog is designed to answer common questions your audience has about your business, and educate them on why to choose you. By creating content established for your target audience, you’re also building authority for your brand. The more consumers trust your brand, the more likely they are to make a purchase on your website.

To launch a successful blog, you have to build a connection with your readers. The best way to do this is to relate to your audience. Draw on personal experiences and add a unique perspective to every story you write. This will not only set your blog apart from the competition, but will keep readers coming back to visit. Blogging is all about balance; you want to incorprate facts and proprietary information, but a reader should also get to know the brand. Don’t be afraid to include your personal spin in your content. This is what keeps writers interested in blogging, and your audience will feel the same way.

Be consistent

The key to digital marketing is consistency. Keep your audience engaged by regularly posting new content to your blog. There is no magic number for the number of blogs you should write on a weekly basis. If you spend your time focusing on quantity over quality, you may find the quality of blogs suffers in order to meet a quota per week. Focus on writing relevant content that pertains to your audience. It’s always best to write one blog per week than three blogs that don’t meet your audience’s expectations.

Build your social media presence

Most consumers will turn to social media to learn more about businesses. Leverage your blog posts by sharing them on all of your social networks. It’s a great way to bring more traffic to your blog, while exposing your business to an even wider audience. Plus, a blog can fuel your social media presence. You’ll never run out of quality content to share when you’re already creating it for your website.

High quality content on your website has so many functionalities; it will help you establish your business in a competitive market, increase the likelihood of your website showing up in search engine queries, and keep your customers engaged with your brand. If you don’t have a blog on your website, there’s no better time to start blogging! The iMediaDesigns team can build a blog on your website and help you get started right away.