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How to drive impulse buying on your eCommerce website

By July 20, 2017 No Comments

How many times have you landed on a website and made an impromptu purchase? An impulse buy occurs when consumers make a purchase they hadn’t planned on. It’s one of the most widely used sales tactics for brick-and-mortar retailers. eCommerce websites in Canada can also take advantage of impulse buying online by inviting an emotional reaction to boost sales. After all, one-third of online purchases are impulsive!

There are many marketing tactics that can trigger online impulse buys, with pricing being top of the list. A study conducted by The Yankee Group indicates that free shipping and special sales are the main motivators for impulse buying behaviour.

eCommerce websites have a lot of opportunities to entice those impulse buyers and evoke the same emotion. It starts by understanding the different classifications of impulse buyers, psychological features of each type, and ends with facilitation those features through on-site user experience. Sounds complicated, right? Don’t worry; we break it down for you step by step!

The four types of impulse buyers

Pure Impulse: an unplanned purchased due to novelty and curiosity. Many online shoppers love to randomly browse Etsy with no specific buying intent, but will buy something creative and cute.

Reminder Impulse: buyers are presented with a product that makes them remember they needed it.

Suggestive Impulse: these buyers see a product, imagine owning it, and end up purchasing as a result.

Planned Impulse: Free shipping, anyone? These purchasers make an online purchase to take advantage of a special sale or offer even if there was no intent to buy. A BOGO (buy one, get one free) offer is a great marketing tactic to try.

What causes impulse buying

There are many internal traits that lead to impulse buying behavior. From a psychological point of view, many people just possess a personality called an impulse buying tendency that shows the following characteristics:

#1. Socially active and status-conscious;

#2. Buy in order to improve mood;

#3. Shop for fun and creation. Enjoy the pleasure of shopping;

#4. Often imagine owning the desired products, thus buy it to continue the pleasure of vicarious ownership;

#5. See someone having a product and compare oneself to that person.

Besides the internal factors, an enjoyable and attractive shopping environment – user experience – created by your eCommerce website design increases the chances of impulsive buying as well. Digital agencies that specialize in eCommerce website design can assist you with capturing the impulse buyers by using a number of tactics mentioned above. There are also specific calls to action and website design elements that can be included in your eCommerce website. Contact our team of specialists to learn more.