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What to Do After Launching Your eCommerce Website

Now you have finally launched your e-commerce website. It took you a few months and you just can’t stop clicking the links and navigate back and forth. But your first order just hasn’t happened yet, so what to do now?


Certainly, as a new business, orders come in slowly. Especially after months of hectic website developing activities, you will find pretty miserable waiting for an order to come in. This puzzle is easily explained: your content marketing efforts won’t drive back results over night; your new web pages need time to be indexed to appear on search engine result pages to attract organic traffic; your social media accounts are too new to gain quality fans.


Every business takes time to bud and grow. Too often our clients imagine that they will see profits shortly after launching their websites. But that is just not the case. The reality is that it would take months to see noticeable sales.  


“Turning too early doesn’t make you go faster”

So the first thing we always use to comfort our e-commerce and startup clients is asking them to stay patient. Being patient, according to Keenan, CEO of A Sales Guy who compared this mentality to skiing, doesn’t mean that you can’t go faster. It just means you have to allow the sale to come to you.


“In bump skiing, being patient doesn’t mean going slow. You can go as fast as you can turn, but you still have to wait for the mogul to come to you. Turning too early doesn’t make you go faster, it just puts you in the wrong position.”


The same theory applies to e-commerce sales.


Don’t blindly outsourcing SEO to agencies that try to outsmart search engines and drive organic traffic to your website by breaking the rules just because you are eager to see a decent amount of traffic. Don’t over promise a special deal in your email campaign and end up not giving your visitors what you promised once they land on your website. Don’t try to please every online shoppers by flooding out content that are not carefully tailored for your target audience.


“Passion is currency, patience is crucial”

Dr. Phil mentions both passion and patience are the keys to success for entrepreneurs. The psychologist is well-known as an American television personality. But he is also a successful  businessman.


In an interview with Yahoo! Small Business, Dr. Phil explains the importance of striking a balance between passion and patience. “…if you’re passionate about it and you love the work, that’s currency just like money. And when you get that full feeling, when you get that sense of achievement and accomplishment because you love what you’re doing, it recharges your batteries every night,” Dr. Phil says.


But that instant gratification of seeing things moving forward doesn’t come to you that easily and frequently. “Be realistic”, says Dr. Phil, “You don’t go from A to Z in one giant leap. You gotta take steps and you gotta be patient. But if you believe in it and you’ve got a good model, it’ll come.”