eCommerce Marketing

Why you need marketing automation for the holiday season

For eCommerce businesses, the upcoming holiday rush is always hectic. The holiday season is the busiest time of year, which means it’s time to promote sales and engage with potential customers. Be top of mind and consistently engage with your consumers by adopting a marketing automation strategy. This will streamline your eCommerce’s marketing communication workflow during the busy season.

Why marketing automation?

There are many benefits that make marketing automation tools worthwhile. Firstly, marketing automation acknowledges the meaningful differences among online shoppers depending on the time they begin holiday shopping.

The early holiday shoppers are mainly female shoppers and are more likely to shop online. Moreover, the discount hunters are more likely to wait until the last minute or Boxing Day for the best deals.

Because of the validity of most offers being only for a certain time period, it is crucial that the promotional messages reach your target customers on time through their most preferred channels. Marketing automation can easily identify the preferred time that the consumers engage with your brand by tracking and analyzing the data.

You don’t need to get through all communication channels. Marketing automation helps optimize the cost by identifying relevant channels preferred by the consumers and sending information through the ones that previously generated higher ROI for your marketing campaigns.

Moreover, through automation, you can reach the customers with products that they might be interested. Cross-selling tactics can be effectively elevated in a real-time manner.

Do you need help implementing your marketing automation? The iMediaDesigns team is ready to transform your holiday marketing. Moreover, we can even tell you how to create a holiday shopping guide to send to your target audience. This way, they won’t miss a beat from you during the busiest shopping season.

What are you waiting for? The holidays are right around the corner!