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For any legitimate online business, premade software services and one-size-fits-all applications are never the answer. It just doesn’t make sense – your web platform requires specific functionalities, features, and services. Cobbling together a mixed-bag of prefabricated services to try and work together is also far from ideal. Any developer can tell you the horrors of trying to get five wildly conflicting software programs to work cohesively under one roof. Finding the digital agency to create the web application of your dreams can be a struggle. How do you know the product delivered will be the product promised? With a full team of qualified custom web app developers, iMediaDesigns is your trusted source for getting customized software and web applications. We build you custom software to serve a specific purpose. Your custom application is built for YOU, meant to solve YOUR problem, and carry out the function YOU need it to. This means they’re efficient, streamlined and empower you to have total control over how your web application functions. Don’t subject yourself to clumsy cookie-cutter software or deal with an incompetent developing agency. Our developers have years of experience creating complex custom web applications (probably more than they’d like to admit) with a list of satisfied clients and testimonials to show for it. Get in touch today and consult with our specialists on your specific project.

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The Process

Work directly with an experienced, highly certified team to get the most suitable solution for your business.


What are your specific needs? What are the problems are you trying to solve? The web features and functions you’re showing off? We consult with you on just exactly what it is we can do for you and how best to do it.


In collaboration with your team, we design a plan of attack that incorporates the many facets of building your customized web application. We produce the necessary Information Architecture tailored for your needs and specific company goals, with a carefully calculated strategy to guide us.

UI/UX Design

After we’ve agreed upon the best approach and overall guiding strategy, we design the UX/UI, keeping in mind the latest techniques for engaging users and stylistic design trends to make sure you have an innovative and functional product that’s up to your standards.


Once design is finished, we develop your initiative on the agreed upon platform, as well as integrating your existing system and third party tools (if any). Prior to handing it off, we perform testing and Q&A to ensure your product is up to our quality standards. Then boom - it’s off to the races for you and your business, backed our continued maintenance and support should you require it.

Words cannot express how happy we are with the team at iMediaDesigns! We are overjoyed to see our vision come to life at boldrfit.com. You are truly the dream team!!! You kept us calm and far exceeded our expectations.

Leslie RichardsonFounder, Boldr Inc.

iMedia is an exceptional group of talent! When it comes to tech-related startups, iMedia will offer indispensable suggestions in helping you to drive your business.

Janice KongFounder, BeautyMakers

The team at iMedia was brilliant from the very beginning, from market research to web strategy, they took care of it all. I would say for retailers who are redefining their web strategy, iMedia definitely has a solid team for web design and eCommerce, and one of the top for web development in Toronto.

Donald FrancouerDirector, DLM Group

We reached out to iMediadesigns when we knew the value of seo services. The only traffic we were getting was from our website and very small as compared to competition. Turning to iMedia has been the best investoment we have ever made. We are open our second dentistry as the number of appointments we are getting ranked 1-3 for most of our keywords.

Dr. Magdalena LysikOwner & Director, Florence Dentistry)

Company Summary

So you have a web project in mind that needs a trusted agency to deliver on time, exactly as requested. Where do you turn? iMediaDesigns is your answer. With a qualified in-house team of web developers, designers, digital marketers and eCommerce specialists, we’re well-equipped to take on your project. We’ve got the experience and skilled background your project needs to succeed.

Got a great idea for a web application and want to see it come to fruition? Need your existing web app to function more efficiently and generate the business results you’ve been dreaming of? Our expertise in designing customized web app platforms is your solution for skyrocketing your business capacity for success. We know the ins-and-outs of producing a quality product that fits all your criteria and exceeds your expectations. Get in touch with us today.

Get in touch with our team today to see how we can lend our expertise to your business. We make you better than your competitors by being better than ours.

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